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Avador: Champions vs Zombies is a RPG set in the land of Avador. You are Magnemesis, a Necromancer apprentice. After a routine spirit commune, your master is possessed by a vengeful spirit and you must help save him at all cost.


-Made most encounters are more difficult

-Fixed the Exp curve issues

-Added in a new item in the Vine Maze


-Balanced Nightmare battles, still more balancing required

-Fixed Rally skill

-AOE skills now hit more targets and allow to select the initial target

-Fixed typos in dialogue

-Changed battle UI to allow more view of the battle


-Updated controller script to just use dpad

-Added skill Rally to knights that removes Stun, Paralysis and deals damage to ally

-Added quest log to help track your progress and guide players

-Balanced the Triton Castle battle.

-Lowered difficulty of Nightmare enemies

-Zombie Knight skill Provoke now works by intercepting damage that ally would take at any health.


-Increased Nightmare difficulty and added increased exp while playing in Nightmare mode

-Added a script to help smooth out the lag and increase fps.


-Added usb controller support, play your game with a usb controller :D

-Added Nightmare difficulty which increases difficulty and increases soul drop rate

-Lowered frequency of random encounters

-Removed random battles from zones after you defeat the castle


-Fatal error at spirit commune

-Fatal error at Shivar Castle entrance.

-Added Hime to credits

-Added mana cost to Darkness spell

-Fixed tooltip message for some spells

Install instructions

Extract game files and data from CVZ exe. Then open CVZ folder and double click on game.


CVZ v1.6.exe 307 MB

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